What We Do

We offer a wide range of professional services which includes:

Oil and Gas

  • Routes selection
  • Mechanical design alignment and construction
  • System audit
  • Pipeline design and vetting
  • Hydroelectric power plants and power transmission lines
  • Dredging, hydraulic sand filling and channelization
  • Piling, structural works and jetty construction
  • Construction of jetties with accompanying trestles and access road
  • Protection of shore line using sheet piles
  • Online fire fighting


Dredging and Marine Engineering

  • Dredging
  • Bathymetric survey and topographic survey
  • Demolition and disposal works
  • Land reclamation and sand filling
  • Under water wreck removal
  • Stockpiling



Civil Engineering

  • Construction of roads (Laterite & Asphalt)
  • General repair and maintenance of Asphalt roads
  • Building of bridges
  • All civil construction ( e.g Municipal building, Hospitals, Schools, Parks, Shopping malls, Hotels, Houses.
  • Quarries and Mining



 Electrical Engineering

  • Power generation, implementation and management
  • Power transmission and monitoring interface
  • Power procurement, distribution, commission and system monitoring




Bio Systems and Water Resources Engineering

  • Drilling of boreholes
  • Construction of portable water treatment plants
  • Construction of dams
  • Construction of irrigation networks
  • Waste water engineering
  • Design and construction of water pipe lines (mains and distribution)




Our Vision

To be the foremost catalyst for rapid industrialization in our host countries.

Our Mission

To continue in our uncompromising efforts in being a dynamic market leader through our state of the art equipment...

Our Competenece

We utilize expertise from all areas of engineering ranging from civil, mechanical, electrical, structural, petroleum, water resources ...

Our Divisions

New Festac Property Development Company Limited 

Festac Phase II Project

Festac Phase II project is an Estate Developmental Project which involves land reclamation, sand filling and compaction of large area of swampy land and transforming it into a mega city as contained in Festac phase 2 master plan. The development is divided into phases, phase one is sand filling, phase two is infrastructural development while phase three is the commercial and residential development


Safety & Security

The safety of the employees at various projects sites is ensured by providing the latest personal protective equipments (PPE’s) and devices at sites. Usually, a mobile clinic is on a 24hr stand-by with qualified medical personnel.

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Where to find us?

Head Office
12 Nairobi Street,
Off Parakuo Crescent Wuse II
Abuja, Nigeria
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